Why NOT to Travel to Ubud, Bali

Why NOT to Travel to Ubud, Bali

I had a lot of ideas about what living in Ubud, Bali would be like…some correct, many not so correct.  

I pictured a tropical paradise where I rode my bicycle through the clean & empty streets in a sarong and crop top on my way to pick up a fresh coconut for breakfast.  


I pictured renting out a great big house on the beach and having all the counter space I could dream up to make raw pies and tropical salads while I swayed to reggae drifting in from outside my window.  


And I pictured drinking in the rich island air while my skin glowed from the kiss of the sun.


In a way, yes, all of that is happening.  But not as sweetly as my mind concocted.  

Ubud is crowded…..like really crowded, and the pollution is some of the highest in the world.

Instead of a bicycle I ride around on a motorbike wearing a heavy helmet that covers 90% of my head, and a mask across my nose and mouth so I don’t breathe in the fumes from the cars I am bumping up against as I scoot through town.



There is no beach in Ubud.  

You would have thought I would have researched that before coming, but I didn’t. And we are an hour away from the closest beach.  

We did end up renting an amazing house about 10 minutes outside of the center of town, but the kitchen counters are so low, I actually chopped veggies on my knees last night.  


However, there is one thing that Ubud really has going for it…..the FOOD. OH, MY, GOODNESS…..the food!

If you are into local, organic, raw, vegan, and vegetarian eats, I can’t imagine there is any better place in the world to be. And get this, instead of a $15 superfood juice and $12 salad like at home, all of the meals here are between $3 – $6.  

Yes, this 100% raw pizza made with an organic, sprouted nut crust, spinach, and cashew cheese, is $6 at my neighborhood cafe called Alchemy.



Every cafe offers green juice, and the local, cold pressed coffee is always served with homemade cashew or coconut milk.



And if you have a sweet tooth, this city has some of the best raw desserts you will ever find. Of course, all made with local coconut sugar and coconut nectar from a nearby organic farm.



There are farmer’s markets every day of the week, and you will never, ever run out of fresh, organic vegetables to make new creations in the kitchen.


So if you’re not into healthy eats, fresh produce, raw desserts, raw cacao smoothies, and inexpensive whole foods, then by all means, please DO NOT come to Ubud.

As for me, I’ll be here drinking coconuts daily and learning to make the best raw cakes there are.