Healthy Snack Essentials: Thunderbird Bars

Healthy Snack Essentials: Thunderbird Bars

Thunderbird – Real Food Bar

Fruits, Nuts, Seeds & Spices & nothing else. Certified Non-GMO, Gluten Free & Paleo, ZERO added sugars. Soy, Dairy & Grain Free & made in Austin, TX

It’s no surprise that they are one of the only real food bars I eat and recommend to my clients & reader.  And in honor of the $100 Thunderbird Bar Giveaway I’m running right now, I was able to sit down with them and learn a little more about why they do what they do.  

Question 1: My favorite thing about Thunderbird Bars is how few ingredients you use. Can you tell us what’s in your bars and why you don’t use preservatives or fillers?

Our bars are comprised of only fruit, nuts, seeds, and spices. We believe that our bodies perform best when fueled only by whole foods in their purest forms, and we wanted to provide a delicious, clean snack that anyone on the go can feel good about putting in their bodies.

Question 2: I read on your website that Thunderbird Bar was founded and still run by endurance athletes. I would think that athletes would just want a protein bar, so why is this bar made solely out of fruits, nuts, and seeds?

Before any sort of endurance event, you want to fuel up with simple, easy to digest carbohydrates and actually minimal protein. The ingredients used in Thunderbird Bars also make them friendly to any diet or lifestyle–vegan, gluten-free, soy and dairy-free, and some of our bars are also Paleo-certified. Some of our bars do have upwards of 7g of protein naturally from ingredients like buckwheat, almonds, nut butters, and quinoa.

Question 3: Your recipes are so innovative. I love the Hazelnut + Coffee + Maca. What is your favorite flavor? How do you continually come up with new ways to share such pure ingredients?

Thank you! Our recipes are chef-inspired and are really what sets us apart from other protein/energy bars. My favorite is also the Hazelnut + Coffee–I have one as my mid-morning snack almost every morning! However, Almond + Apricot and Lemon + Cashew are a close second for me.

Question 4: I’m in Bali now, and there are papaya and mango everywhere, two ingredients you use often in your bars. Where do you source your fruits, nuts, and seeds from?

We actually source our ingredients globally–wherever we can get them in their purest and sustainably produced form!

Question 5: Your hometown is Austin, Texas. While I was living in Austin I could find your bars everywhere. But for the readers who aren’t from the Austin area, where can they find you? Are you at any national grocery stores or chains?

We are currently trying to expand nationally, however the easiest method would be to just order from our online store, where we are always running a promotion on a featured bar of the month! This month we’re celebrating our Pecans + Goji + Pistachios bar by offering 20% off by using the code Pecan20 at checkout. 

You can purchase Thunderbird Bars online at, and be sure to follow them on Instagram for daily, real food inspiration at @thunderbirdbar

Thank you for all your do for the Real Food community! We appreciate you.