What are Essential Oils?


When I first started to get healthy I eliminated chemicals and toxic over-the-counter medicines, but I still needed help with bug bites, stress relief, aches, pains, cravings, and occasional illness.  It was in my search for results-oriented natural medicine that I found out about essential oils.  I discovered that they are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and support the immune system – bingo!

In the modern day, many people are caught up in commercial products thinking they will help us get well. However, what most products actually serve to do is mask symptoms but not improve the root cause.

I love using my oils as mother nature’s medicine cabinet to create a truly holistic and healthy life. An added bonus is that they help me relax, feel happy, sleep better, feel peace & calm, and they smell amazing (I even use them in place of perfume now).

By using the oils on a daily basis, I can prevent the sinus infections I used to get, restless sleep, bug bites in the summer, and can naturally treat fevers, sore throats, allergies, and cuts/bruises.

My personal favorite use of oils? They help balance my hormones to prevent bloating, moodiness, and cramps each month.  It’s extremely empowering to know that I have all the tools at my fingertips to care for my body to the very best of my ability.


Why did I choose Young Living Essential Oils?


The short answer is that they produce the cleanest and highest quality oils available.  I always look for the best, and these are the best out there.

The long answer is that Young Living offers the purest therapeutic-grade essential oils in the world by carefully controlling the entire process from the seeds they use, to growing, distilling, and testing the purity of each oil.  Young Living’s dedication to quality ensures nature’s living energy is contained in every bottle.

They’ve been producing quality oils for 20 years now so their commitment to quality means that you and I can be confident that the oils are both safe and effective.  They keep an open door policy at their farms so it’s easy to visit and observe their sustainable practices. I look forward to visiting one day.

Since using essential oils my health journey has improved 100% because in addition to fueling my body with the highest quality food choices, I feel confident to prevent and heal any ailments that come my way.


Last night I burned my two middle fingers really badly on the burner while I was cleaning it – I ran upstairs to my oil…

Posted by Carly Shankman on Friday, August 15, 2014


How do I purchase Young Living Oils?

Become a Wholesale Member for the best price and lots of benefit.  Young Living Wholesale Members receive a 24% discount on all products – this is how I order all of my oils.


What’s the benefit of a Wholesale Membership?

  • 24% off retail prices *Like a wholesale buyers club – Sam’s or Costco (but your membership is only purchased once in a lifetime and you get the most amazing starter kit for your membership!)
  •  No required monthly minimum purchase
  •  Comes with a LIFETIME membership



  • Personal support from my awesome, enthusiastic, and smart YL community. Some individuals in my community have been using essential oils for as long as 10 years.
  • Private Facebook page with real time support for beginners.   Experienced moms, new moms, sisters, daughters, and girlfriends all joined together helping each other find natural solutions to current health and wellness issues.
  •  Exclusive monthly essential oil education webinars.

Sounds amazing! Sign me up here!!

Have more questions? Here are the answers to questions that may be coming up for you.


Does having a wholesale membership obligate me purchase monthly?


No way.  You purchase whenever you want.  There is no obligated minimum monthly purchase.  Your membership belongs to you. It’s your account to be used as you wish.  With a Young Living membership you purchase oils at a discount (always).


How do I educate myself? I’m worried I won’t know how or when to use the oils.  

No worries.  It’s all about the learning and teaching, person to person.  There is no shortage of information and learning tools!   You will receive (3) informative start-up emails from me on how to use your oils, a detailed quick-start lesson, and links to the very best oil research.

You will receive an invitation to our personal and private Facebook page where you can ask your questions and get answer in real time from experienced oil users.  I am thrilled to support you and want you to experience all the amazing benefits of essential oils.

Does my Wholesale membership expire after a year like other buying clubs?

No.  Your account never expires.  Once you have a member # it will always be yours.  However, your account will go INACTIVE if you don’t purchase $50 minimum in a year’s time.  If that should happen, when you are ready to purchase again, simply call the amazing Customer Service staff,  they will reactive your account with the same member number.

Do I have to sell Young Living products in order to be a wholesale member?

Never.  This is your account and it is not based on your selling anything, ever.

I see there is the option to share the oils like you do.  How does that work? Can I be on your team?

I would love for you to be part of my awesome team!  If you are considering this option I will be more than happy to help you get started.  We have a lot of support and learning tools available to you.  Please email me directly at carly@carlyshankman.com.

Is there a way to save even more money?

Some people who purchase oils regularly join the optional Essential Rewards program.  Essential Rewards is Young Living’s Frequent Flyer program.  I’ve been doing it for over a year. Every time the box shows up at my house, I feel like it’s a holiday!

Here’s how Young Living’s Essential Rewards program works:

Your commitment:

  • Purchase $50 minimum of different essential oil products from the entire line per month.

Young Living’s commitment:

  • Month 1 – 6 receive 10% in free banked points for every dollar you spend
  • Month 7 – 12 receive 15% in free banked points for every dollar you spend
  • Month 12 and beyond receive 20% in free banked points for every dollar you spend
  • Reduced shipping
  • No fee start, no fee to end; start and stop whenever you choose.
  • Opportunity to redeem your free points after your second month in the program.


How to Sign Up as a Wholesale Member:


* Start by purchasing a Starter Kit by using the detailed step-by-step directions below.

Note: Purchasing a Starter Kit is like joining a buyers club like Sam’s or Costco, but your membership is only purchased once-in-a-lifetime and you get the most amazing Starter Kit for your membership.


There are 3 starter kits to choose from as detailed on the order form:

  1. $35 Basic Starter Kit includes StressAway
  2. $75 Basic Starter Kit Plus Diffuser
  3. $150 includes the above 2 kits plus the Everyday Oil Kit of 10 of Young Living’s most popular and beloved oils. .  It’s basically a physical and mental first aid kit all in one. Young Living has over 130 essential oils and they worked hard to create a kit we could use for everyday needs.


I always suggest the $150 Premium Kit because it will give you 11 oils to test and experience.  This kit is worth $300 at retail and worth every cent.



Step-by-step instructions to sign-up as a Wholesale Member


1. Click here for Sign-up Page.

2. The Wholesale Member button will be highlighted.

3. The Enroller ID and Sponsor ID should be filled in (if not, type in #1412605)

4. Complete Step 1 by filling in your contact information.  (The reason the SS# is listed is because of tax purposes. If you earn over $600 a year sharing Young Living products, you will receive a 1099 form in the mail as required by law.  YL is a secure site and never shares this information with anyone.  I, and many friends, have never had a problem.) Be sure to click the “Terms & Conditions” box.

5. Create a username, password, and pin that will be used to sign in to order your oils.

6. Complete Step 2 by choosing your Starter Kit.  As mentioned above, I always recommend the Premium Starter Kit to get the most value.  The 3 choices are on the top line. The choice below is for international kits and Spanish language kits.

7. Step 3 on the website is completely optional – please do not get confused by this step.  This option is for folks who want to save more money by joining Young Livings monthly rewards program, Essential Rewards.  It’s Young Living’s Frequent Flyer Reward program.  Feel free to scroll down below the pictures and click, No, thank you.  You can sign up for Essential Rewards at anytime.  I have given you a complete and thorough explanation of Essential Rewards above under the heading: “Is there a way to save even more money?”

8. Hooray, we are almost there!  Click Next to confirm your address on the right side of the screen.  Then click continue to see your account information.

9. Click on to Create Your Account.  At this point, if you wish to order additional Young Living products at wholesale prices, click the Add Product purple box.  Once you have completed your cart, click to complete your order.

10. CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully created a Young Living Wholesale Membership account.  Essential oils change lives!!


You will be receiving an email confirmation from me.

Welcome to Young Living, my friend!


My mother Cynthia Shankman is a real essential oils pro who taught me everything I know and she’ll be here ready to help you however you need. Take a look at one of her intro videos below!