An Open Letter to Myself

An Open Letter to Myself

Dear Carly,

Sweet, precious girl – I’m writing this to you today because I know there will come a day when you question your decisions.  You will ask, “why did I take this leap and leave behind a beautiful life and cozy home in Austin for the unknown?”

You may even worry, and question if you made the right decision, and I’m telling you now – you did.

I know you did because you know there is more, and you are committed to the growth and development of yourself, those you love, and the consciousness of the world above all else.

You must jump, you must leap, you must go, unattached and freely into the wildness and openness of this fantastic world.

Right now, you feel the pull. You’re not running from anything, but running towards everything.

In your bones, in your heart, in your soul, you know that there is more than enough of everything for each person to live the life of their dreams and you must tap into that energy.

And surround yourself in an environment that allows you to step fully into that knowing and being.

Don’t do the dance between both worlds, managing the “things” here in Austin, having something to pull you back and give you an excuse to give up on what you truly want – creative and self-expression, love, compassion, adventure, companionship, new experiences, freedom, and beauty in people and in land.

Leap and find others who are in search for their greatest truth and being – there you experience bliss.

Bliss beyond your wildest dreams of what you can imagine reporting to someone else, living on others terms and wishing you had the time, the money, and the freedom, to do what you actually want to do – which is simply to live, love, grow and contribute.

NOW, my darling, now is the time because this moment here is the only guarantee you are given, and if not now, when?  Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is never a guarantee.

You have beauty, light, love, and the greatest gift of all, your spirit and joy to share with the world.  I invite you to stay true to the fact that THIS is what you desire above any and all of the material possessions of being a human being.

My love, you are on the right track and I commend you for your sense of adventure and growth.

This is your knowing, right here in these words, that wherever you go, whatever you are feeling, it’s there to serve your highest being and purpose because you are on your path.

I am so proud of you.

Keep going and know you are safe and loved.

Keep going and keep leaping,

“Becoming acquainted with yourself is a price well worth paying for the love that will really address your needs.”