6 Reasons Real Food Improves (+ Increases!) your Sex Life.

1. Increased confidence in your body and image.

When you are taking care of yourself, you feel more comfortable in your body. A little confidence goes a long way between the sheets (or wherever you may choose!).

The glow that dark leafy greens, high-quality fat and protein has on a the skin, will have you feeling like the very best version of yourself in no time.

Increase in delicious, healthy foods + increase in self-confidence + radiant (“I take care of myself”) glow = increased sexy time.

2. Time spent together food shopping & cooking increases bonding and shared experiences.

When you eat clean, real food, you are essentially forced to buy and prepare your food at home since the options are limited at restaurants; this is an activity that will bring you closer together with you partner and increase the quality of your relationship.

Love, compassion, shared experience, and bonding = fun-filled, passionate sex.

3. Clean food calms the mind.

So many times people are disinterested in sex because they have too much on their mind, are too busy, unfocused, and simply not in the mood. Foods such as broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, tuna, pumpkin seeds, asparagus, parsley and strawberries, reduce inflammation, protect against free radicals (which are the result of stress), stabilize blood sugar & provide powerful antioxidants – making you feel more connected to your body, and in turn, more connected to your partner.

Your Challenge: At the end of your day, come home, pour a glass of red wine, light a candle, and make some baked fish (using butter!) with a side of veggies.

After dinner, ditch the big bowl of ice cream (which will leave you bloated, inflamed and lethargic) and together, melt some high-quality dark chocolate (over 70% dark chocolate) and dip strawberries in it.

I promise, that choice in a different food selection will shift the mood. …see how the rest of the night unfolds – I don’t want details ;).

4. Improved energy, stamina & strength.

Eating a clean diet provides natural energy, helps build muscle, and improves stamina.

See where I’m going with this one? 😉

5. Coconut Oil is a natural lubricant, phenomenal massage oil, assists with glowing skin and an incredible health supportive food to cook (and make love) with.

Use it & use it often.

  • Start the night out with coconut oil massages…take a couple tablespoons of coconut oil right out of the jar and (if it’s not liquid already) rub it between your palms to heat it up and make it turn into a liquid.
  • Rub and caress your partner’s body with the coconut oil keeping in mind that 1) you will most likely be immediately be turned on, and 2) coconut oil is edible and tastes fantastic.
  • It’s safe to go in all the beautiful crevices of your body.

6. Real Food provides an entry way to a deeper spiritual connection and practice.

Real Food helps to clear out all the crap in your body and mind; it allows you to sleep better, think more clearly, love more fully, and connect with your body and spirit on a deeper level.

As you detox the negative emotions and toxic build up in your body with a clean diet, life becomes brighter, easier, happier, more fun, precious, and expressive. Imagine connecting with your partner from THIS place, instead of stressed from work, congested from eating your food allergies, bloated, lethargic, and uninspired.

Bringing Real Food into your life will kick-start a beautiful transformation. Let’s get started!

Have fun & happy lovin’!


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