5 reasons to go crazy for this magic nut (which is actually a seed).

I remember the first time I ate a coconut product, I was about 13 years old and my mom introduced me to coconut oil by cooking my eggs in it for breakfast.  Quite frankly, I was pissed.

At that time, I would always get mad when my mom tried to introduce me to a new health food product.  Raw milk went that way too – I remember saying “Mom, I want the milk with the hormones and antibiotics, just like every other kid.” Crazy kids.

Fast forward 16 years and I am not only a lover of healthy food, but it’s my passion and career to spread the good word.  Why? Because I’ve experienced the transformation personally.

Since that day of my mom cooking my eggs in coconut oil, I have become…Ok, I’ll admit it…obsessed with coconuts.

Coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut meat, coconut water, raw coconuts, I can’t get enough.  

And imagine my elation, now living on the beach in Costa Rica, that I can get a raw coconut off the tree in my front yard and eat them morning, noon, and night.



The palm tree in my front yard full of coconuts.

Enjoying raw coconuts on the beach, I feel like a cavewoman pulling out the coconut meat with my hands.


Don’t live in Costa Rica?

You can order raw coconut meat to be shipped to your house through Exotic Superfoods.


Coconut Oil can be purchased at any local health food store in your area.

Magic Nut


Here are the top 5 reasons I LOVE coconut and why you should include them in your daily diet:

1. Hydration: Did you know that raw coconut water contains living enzymes that assist with digestion and metabolism?

It is full of electrolytes, calcium, potassium (more than all the processed sports drinks on the grocery shelves), phosphorus, and magnesium. Plus, it has a naturally sweet flavor and serves as a perfect drink for the days you are looking to expand your beverage consumption beyond the all-mighty, water.

An added benefit to the hydration provided from coconut water = clear skin.  

**Consume 8 oz. of raw coconut water per day (or in your daily green smoothie) and watch as your blemishes disappear and skin begins to glow.  Thank you, nature.

2. Oil: Coconut Oil is a heart healthy food made from the meat of tropical coconuts.

It is so important to stress the health benefits of high quality, organic fats in the diet and this specific oil helps to:

1. Build resistance to viruses and bacteria, fight off yeast, fungus & candida.

2. Benefit hormones for our thyroid which assists metabolic function & energy levels (no mid-afternoon slump).

3. Improve insulin use in the body and reduce sugar cravings which positively affects the regulation of blood sugar levels (and means you won’t be binge eating cookies and ice cream before bed anymore).

4. Make kitchen creations taste delicious.

5. Leave our hair & skin silky smooth and radiant.

So which one should you buy? 

Make sure the oil is:

– Extra Virgin

– USDA-certified organic

– Fresh & Cold Pressed

How & Where do I use Coconut Oil?

1. In the kitchen: For a healthy home kitchen, you only want to be utilizing 2 oils for food preparation: 1) Olive Oil and 2) Coconut Oil.  Olive oil is wonderful to drizzle on your cooked food to add some monosaturated fats and delicious flavor, however, when cooked at high heat, olive oil goes through an oxidation process which damages the integrity of the oil and turns it rancid.  

Coconut oil does not break down in the same way when heated!

The #1 way you should start utilizing coconut oil in the kitchen is when cooking on the stove top with high heat (think stir-frys, eggs, sauteed meat & veggies).  

This point is so critical and revolutionary for your time spent creating tasty meals in the kitchen. Grab yourself a large jar of extra virgin, organic, high quality coconut oil and get to cooking!

2. In the bathroom: Coconut oil works wonders for your hair, skin, mouth & entire body.

Use it as a conditioner in the shower for smooth & shiny hair, as a face & body moisturizer, natural sunscreen, on your lips as chap stick, mix with baking soda for a natural teeth whitening paste, on your eyes as an eye makeup remover, rub inside your nose to assist with allergies & a runny nose, to prevent stretch marks, soothe burns, for oil pulling,  and on acne or blemishes.  

3. In the bedroom: Looking to make a switch from the sticky, chemical-laden, fake-flavored lubricants you are currently using to heat up the bedroom?! Look no further, coconut oil is the best alternative for a smooth, tasty, natural lubricant.

When should I use coconut oil?

All day, every day…you can’t get too much of coconut oil’s glorious goodness!

3. Fat Loss: Everyone is looking for the magic pill to help reduce belly fat, and while the only thing that truly does work is proper nutrition and daily movement, adding in coconut as part of your healthy diet & lifestyle will help dramatically.

Here is why:

  • Coconuts are so full of healthy fats and nutrients that including them in your diet will serve as an appetite suppressant (on beach days when I’m in the sun and heat, a whole coconut (meat & water) serves as a great lunch).
  • Coconuts provide a boost to your thyroid function & metabolism, which helps burn more fat, faster.
  • Coconuts are burned 3 times faster than other sources of fat.

By lowering your weight and excess body fat, you are in turn lowering your risk of heart disease.  Win all around.

4. Gluten-free baking: I love to bake and the two flours I predominantly use are 1) Coconut flour and 2) Almond flour.

  • By going gluten-free and focusing on consuming whole foods, you are preventing damage done to the lining of the small intestine if you have a slight or serious allergy to gluten.
  • You will receive a healthy serving of dietary fiber through using coconut flour which can help to keep your bowel movements regular and decrease bloating.
  • The essential fats in coconuts (and coconut flour) are antiviral, anti fungal, and boost the metabolism = less sickness + more energy.
  • Are you diabetic, and/or looking to avoid blood sugar spikes? This is the flour for you!
  • Coconut flour is rich in protein.

Please note that you cannot straight up substitute coconut flour for other flours because coconut flour is much more dense and soaks up more liquid.  Here is a post with some tips and trick about cooking with coconut flour.

5. Disease prevention: There are new studies emerging that are revealing coconuts, and specifically coconut oil, as a healing remedy for Alzhemiers.  

What the studies are explaining is that the fats found in coconuts (Medium Chain Trigylcerides – MCT) “may actually help restore and renew neurons and nerve function in your brain, even after damage has set in.”

“While there is currently no clinical data showing the benefits of coconut oil on the prevention and treatment of dementia, Newport — whose husband Steve was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at age 51 — said she began to see improvements after starting him on four teaspoons of coconut oil per day.

‘Before the coconut oil, he could not tie his shoes. His weird slow gait… That improved. He walked normally and he was able to start running again.

He was able to start reading again, his conversation improved dramatically and then over several months we saw improvements in his memory,’ Newport said. Prior to starting him on coconut oil, Newport said none of the existing medications were working.”

Read the full article here.

The low-fat craze, which I am continually sharing is at the root of our obesity epidemic today, is also making people fearful and weary of this incredible healing superfood.

Now YOU know and can experience the transformation yourself as you begin including this tropical seed in your diet.

Note: Raw coconut water and oil are found at most health food stores.  Other coconut products can be found online.  Click here for a great resource for coconut purchases.

PS – I am not an affiliate of any of these recommendations – just a happy and healthy customer.