Who Are You Being? 3 Practices to Live with More Clarity.

Who Are You Being? 3 Practices to Live with More Clarity.

“I am being gentle and committed.” Right after yoga and even before the first sip of coffee was taken, we went around in a circle,

“ I am being light-hearted and focused.”

“I am being child-like and creative.”

“I am being clear.”

Our statements of being were inspired by a 3-hour conversation we had had the night before. Like usual, we were dissecting the human condition and discussing hacks and practices to live with more intention and clarity.

“What we’re doing is unique, 4 adults living and traveling together, working remotely, and every day investing in creating more empowered lives.”

Ross & I met Paola & Chris in September when we volunteered on their organic farm in Tuscany. And since that time, we stayed in touch until we met up in Bali a couple of months ago. From the day they landed in Ubud, we have moved through life together as we work, play, and create alongside one another.

A foundation of both our personal lives and collective experience with one another, is to focus daily on keeping the mind clear and staying unattached to our thoughts. Much of what we practice is shared in Eckhart Tolle’s work which is a reminder that we came into this world as whole, blissful, and clear beings, and it is the same way we will leave this Earth. The fear, frustration, pain, and confusion is simply the result of an untrained or clouded mind.

So above work, above partnership, above food and nutrition, the #1 intention and question upon waking each morning is, “what needs to happen today for me to live from a place of clarity and stillness?”


Here are some of the practices we are instilling:

1. Share: “Today I am being…” choose who you are being and allow someone to hold you accountable. The words you choose can serve as an antidote to what you may be experiencing.

For example, if you feel lonely and stressed upon waking, your words may be “connected & peaceful.” Throughout the day if you find you are attached to a disempowering way of being, remind yourself (or have someone remind you) of your empowering way of being.

Hold yourself accountable to stop in the moment, and refocus your energy.

2. Get quiet: 2 days ago I opened my eyes upon waking and literally rolled out of my bed onto the floor where the computer was. With the room still dark and sleep still in my eyes, I started blazing through my email. Not the fastest path towards clarity and stillness.

Morning is the most magical time of day. Everything is still and the energy around you is ripe for empowered creation. I have found the app Headspace to be the most helpful in staying committed to a daily meditation practice. The guided meditations start at 10 minutes and slowly increase from there (and your first 10 days on the app are free – definitely worth a try).

On the mornings I’m not on the floor answering emails at 5am in the dark, I’m starting the day with a centering meditation on Headspace.

3. Remember: You are not your thoughts. You are the loving, still, clear, and peaceful observer of the thoughts you are having. If we are truly able to not just read those words, but understand and live by them, it’s the only understanding we need to allow this life to be the most blissful, joyful, and inspiring adventure there could ever be.

While we were discussing these topics the other night, I was pushing back on Chris, who has a PhD in Psychological and Social Foundations, saying, “yeah, I’m with you. I get it. But it takes time and I’m doing the best I can to get there.” (There being a state of being where you are able to literally switch your thoughts off whenever you choose).

And here is what he said,

“ Think of it like you’re an athlete training for an Olympic event. Whatever you put it into it is what you’re going to get out of it. If you want to run a marathon you have to show up every day and do the work. You can take your time but it’s something that can be achieved more rapidly based off what you are willing to invest.

Many people make this idea of quieting the mind an ethereal conversation, and it’s not. If you choose it, do it and train for it. If you want to play the guitar you don’t say, “ someday I’d like to play the guitar, don’t push me, I’ll get there when I’m ready.” You pick up the guitar and play.

Sitting around and talking about whether you should quiet the mind or not, or how you’re going to go about doing it, doesn’t do any good. Show up like it’s the most important thing in your life, because it is.”

May the practices shared above serve you as you step boldly onto a path of clarity and empowerment.

Who are you being today?

“The future depends on what you do today”.
– Mahatma Gandhi –