5 Tips To Get Back On Track Post-Holidays

5 Tips To Get Back On Track Post-Holidays

So maybe you made it through Christmas without too much harm done.

And then New Year’s Eve crept up and you couldn’t help but indulge in a little too much campagne and a lavish dinner to ring in the new year.

Then it’s New Years day….it’s a new year, a new day, and you’re ready to start fresh. You want to jump into 2016 with health & wellness as the focus of this year.

But just about a month from now it’s Valentine’s Day with candy hearts, and boxes of chocolate everywhere you look. And even if you make it through that you have Easter shortly after — and now it’s chocolate bunnies instead of hearts and candy baskets full of spring goodies.

The point is that there is ALWAYS going to be a holiday or celebration to throw you off your game.

So today I’m going to provide 5 quick tips for you to get back on track after the holidays.

And it could be ANY holiday or celebration — a birthday, anniversary, wedding, Christmas, Hanukkah, or Memorial Day — any day where you tend to overindulge.

1. Take it easy. On yourself, that is.

We are human beings living in a physical world and there are tasty and fun temptations everywhere you look.  It’s not only OK but wonderful that you indulge every now and then.  So first and foremost, take it easy on yourself and don’t beat yourself up after a night of indulging.  

The problem isn’t the chocolate cake you had last night, but the restriction and guilt that comes as a result of it. 

So my tip for you today is that after a holiday or celebration, take it easy on yourself, and then, get right back on track.

I used to remember thinking “well, I had a bite of that cookie and messed up my entire plan and dedication to healthy eating so hell, I’m just gonna eat the whole cookie.”  And since I ate the whole cookie, I might as well go all in and eat the whole box.  Yeah no, that’s not really clear thinking.

If you eat a bite of a cookie, eat a bite of a cookie, and then move onto something else.  Period. It can be just like that without a whole story around what that one bite of cookie means.  A bite of a cookie is simply a bite of a cookie and not an excuse to beat yourself up, starve yourself the next day, or continue to eat the whole box of cookies.  You feel me here?

2. Get moving. 

After a night of too much drinking or too much eating the last thing you usually want to do is go for a long walk or make it to a yoga class, however, that is exactly what will help you feel better and get back on track.

When you sweat you will release toxins, get rid of heavy or excess stagnant energy in the body, and give a sweet boost to your metabolism.

As a yoga teacher, I obviously have a biased towards yoga as a preferred method of movement because it is an embodied experience.  Unlike running on the treadmill or getting on an elliptical machine where you can zone out watching TV, reading a book, or looking at the other people working out nearby, yoga requires your full and complete presence.  It requires that you go into a deep conversation with your body and step into your practice with body, mind, and spirit.

There is no better feeling in the world than stepping off your mat feeling opened, stretched, connected, and in tune.  It’s the perfect antidote to a night (or holiday week) of overindulgence. 

3. Hydrate.

You already know that water and hydration is good for you.  I know that you know that you should be drinking MINIMUM of 8 – 10 cups of water every single day.  But are you? You may know it but that doesn’t mean you are doing it.

Drinking water and being properly hydrated flushes out excess sodium to reduce bloating and assists your digestive system in efficient elimination.  Many times we even mistake thirst for hunger and continue to fill up on unnecessary treats and calories when all your body really wants and needs is some water.

Try this: Before everything you eat, drink a cup of water.  Most likely, you will feel better, only eat what you are actually hungry for, and have more energy.  Win all around if you ask me. 

4. Enroll others.

Everything is better with a team around to support you.  

Just this week as the first group of cleansers of 2016 take part in 12-Days to Sexy, their participation and contribution in the Facebook group helped hold ME accountable when I wanted coffee and a not-so-cleanse-friendly breakfast.  I enrolled a team and together they are all supporting and encouraging each other to stay healthy, strong, and dedicated to their health goals for 12 days, and well beyond that.

Who can you enroll to support you and even join you as you powerfully commit to your health goals for this upcoming year. Your mom, co-worker, best friend?!

Send them this email and let them know you are ready and could use some extra support.  Perhaps you commit to going on a walk once a week together for a weekly check in or staying in touch via email on your progress.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 1.47.45 PM

5. Find inspiration.

In order to invite in ongoing balance in your life & quickly bounce back from any overindulgence, the key is to find YOUR inspiration, your True North, your big goal, your WHY? And every single day meditate, journal, or think about that.

Mine is to feel as energized, vibrant, vital, and in touch with my body as I do now when I am 90 so I keep my body disease-free and never ever end up in the hands of the medical system for something I could have prevented myself.

What’s your WHY?

What keeps inspired?

  • Maybe it’s having the energy and health to play with your children.
  • Maybe it’s running that marathon on your bucket list.
  • Maybe it’s losing 20 pounds.
  • Maybe it’s clearing up your skin so you feel ready to be seen in the world (literally and figuratively).
  • Maybe it’s making the commitment to yourself to get healthy and actually following through with it.
  • Maybe its feeling safe, held, and comfortable in your skin.

Whatever your WHY might be, shine light on it every single day, share it with others, and sing it from the rooftop. 

You can start with sharing your why in the comments below.

Allow this loving community to support you and hold you accountable!